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Teeth whitening at home with Opalescence Go!

Teeth whitening at home is nowadays the best way to whiten your teeth as expert studies have shown. * Source: Consumer Guide (May 2009) published research by Joost Roeters, professor of dentistry, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

On the evidence of these studies the British Dental Association has concluded that bleaching your teeth at home is the most professional method.

Opalescence Go  is a reputable American brand name and is a proven, safe, fast and effective method of self-bleaching your teeth. It is a professional product that is prescribed by dentists for patients who want white teeth,  and for follow-up treatments.

Of course it meets all the stringent US standards: it has been tested and found safe and gives the same result as a ( much more expensive) treatment at a dental clinic. Opalescence Go is now available in Europe as well so you can order Opalescence Go at Tooth-whitening-at-home.co.uk. 

If you need to know more about teeth whitening consult our FAQ.

Choose Opalescence Go for natural whiter teeth!

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Opalescence Go - 6% Whitening at home kit
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Before & after an Opalescence Go treatment

Before & After - Tooth whitening at home

  • Each Opalescence Go kit contains 4 to 10 pre-filled tray sets.
  • Each disposable tray set is used for a single treatment.
  • You can perform daily treatments until you reach the shade of white you desire.
  • Results are visible from the first treatment; however if teeth are heavily stained results will start to become visible after four days.

Professional home teeth whitening kits, with ready-to-use trays from £52.95 and free P&P.

FDA Approved

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